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What we do

Raising awareness


 We work hard to raise public awareness of kidney disease and related issues.

We also raise awareness about Organ Donation and it's impacts on transplant waiting lists.

Raising funds


  We continuely work to raise funds to help improve the kidney patient experience. 

Promoting kidney health


 We participate in World Kidney Day promoting kidney health.

Holding events


 We co-ordinate and support patient information events together with the Gloucetsershire Royal Hospital Multi-disciplinary Team. 

Sharing the news


  We provide a quarterly newsletter to our members, keeping them informed of all our news and events.  

Providing information


 We provide information to patients and their families about the journey they may need to take. 

how we can help you

Support & Advice


 Providing support and advice for patients and their carers across Gloucestershire. 

Working with hospitals


 Working closely with hospital staff to improve hospital conditions for kidney patients. 

Purchasing equipment


 We purchase equipment not otherwise provided by the NHS, for Gloucestershire Renal Units and for patients on home dialysis. 

Practical advice


We offer practical advice for patients on, or about to experience, home and hospital dialysis. 

Support respite breaks


We organise and support yearly rest-bite breaks for kidney patients. 

Get in touch


Would you like to talk further? We'd love to hear from you, whether you know what kind of support you need, or would like to find out more about any of these topics. 

How you can get involved

Additional Information

Become a member of Gloucestershire Kidney Patient Association (GKPA).  

It is free to join! Open to application from Patients, Family Members or Patient Support applicants.

Become an occasional volunteer to help with our events and activities. 

Assist us in funding, we are always looking for fresh ideas and direction. 

Have your own sponsored or funding raising events for us. 

Make a donation supporting GKPA.